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Private Party & Special Events Venue

A Space w/ Gourmet Cuisine, Wine, Cocktails & Vibes.

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Our Cuisine.

Quality Dishes for Lunch, Dinner, and  Brunch

We offer a unique culinary experience that fuses southern and Cajun flavors with a gourmet twist. Our dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients and fresh produce. You will enjoy our delightful combination of bold and savory flavors.


Our Wine & Cocktails

Quality Selections and Carefully Crafted

We pride ourselves on an extensive wine list and handcrafted cocktails. An extensive collection of boutique wines from regions around the world  are carefully selected by our In-House Sommelier Team.  Our specialty crafted cocktails are curated with fresh and quality ingredients with robust flavors. Whether you are a wine novelist, wine connoisseur, or a cocktail enthusiast, you will have a delightful experience at Trez! 

Our Ambiance.

The Perfect Space to Wine and Dine 

The experience we provide at Trez is intentional. We present you live music selections with some of Houston's most popular DJs, local artists, and bands. All to provide an eclectic, intimate, and unique dining experience. 


Our dining tables are specially designed by a local artist, William Lloyd. He designed each table differently which shares the “Story of Trez.” Under each table, he personally autographed them to signify his artistic design.


The art, which adorns the walls of Trez, is carefully curated by Carla Bisong of Bisong Art Gallery. Each art piece is for sale and provides local artists, a platform to showcase their creativity. 


We would like for you to imagine- intimate dining in an art gallery, beautiful crafted cocktails, exquisite boutique wines, French and Cajun inspired food; all with a humble mission to serve the community!


Welcome to Trez Bistro and Wine Bar, your delightful experience waits!

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