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Voted Best Wine Bar in Houston TX

A Space Created for Diverse Houstonians with an
Attraction to Art, Culture & Exquisite Cuisine.


About Us.

Located in the heart of Houston Heights, Trez Bistro & Wine Bar is the perfect destination for food and wine enthusiasts looking for an elevated and unforgettable dining experience.


Our bistro offers a unique fusion of southern and cajun flavors, featuring locally-sourced ingredients and fresh produce. From appetizers to entrees, our dishes are made with care and precision, providing an exceptional dining experience that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Whether you're looking for a romantic evening out with dinner and live music, happy hour with coworkers, or a gathering with friends and family for brunch, our intimate and inviting atmosphere is perfect for any occasion. Come visit us and discover why we were voted one of the Best Wine Bars in Houston Texas!

We're Much More Than an Events Space.

Serving Communities 
& Local Artists.

 We're advocates for serving others in our local and surrounding communities. We are committed to supporting our community  partnering with local businesses, by providing a platform for local artists to display and sell their work, highlighting various causes and organizations, and giving back through charitable donations and fundraisers.

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